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Dogs website.

We are Gary & Kim Haynes who own a small, home-based kennel locate on a few acres just north of Edmonton Alberta, Canada.  We adopted our first Newfoundland dog in 1987 and soon found out that one (at least for us) was not enough.  Our first litter of puppies arrived in the early 90’s.  In 2005 Canadian Kennel Club Registration name “TitanBear” came into play. Today we breed when we want another puppy. We show for confirmation and compete in carting (Draft dog) and agility. We would still like to get involved in obedience and water work, as the Newfoundland is a truly versatile dog. All of our Newfs live with use in our home.  They are all fed a “Natural Raw Diet”.  They are well socialized and involved in many communities activities.  

Titan Bear’s goal is to ensure that:

This magnificent black gentle giant which originated from my family’s homeland of Newfoundland is carried on to many future generation with its soft disposition, its warm and understanding attitude, its love and patience to the young & elderly, its protective but never aggressive behavior, its somewhat classical individuality, and finally always striving to ensure sound quality dog.

About Our Kennel


  • It’s naturally so logical
  • ​They have more energy
  • their teeth are cleaner & whiter
  • Their coats are softer and shinier
  • They do not shed as much

Adult dogs should be FAST once a week.

Lots of long & joint bones BUT never on a FAST night.

Dog treats as normal


  • 1 Lb Raw meat (35% beef, 35 orfal, 20% fat, 10% chicken neck)
  • 1 Lb Grinded veggies (carrot & turnip/rutabags)
  • 2 Tbsp Wheat germ                    
  • 1 Tbsp Molasses
  • 2 Tbsp Sunflower oil                   
  • 1 Tsp Kelp power
  • Pinch of Granualted Garlic            
  • 1 Vit B capsual every week

Natural Raw Diet


  • 1 Cup Roller Oats (soaked overnight in veggie broth or water)
  • 1/3 Banana                           
  • 2 Tbs 3% Yoguart
  • 1 Tbs Honey – unpasteurized    
  • Sprinkle Granualted Garlic
  • 1 Vit C capsual                      
  • 1 Vit E capsual
  • 1 Egg – every other day


Breeding is a very serious matter to us – as our goal is to ensure sound, quality dogs that are true to the Newfoundland nature.  We do plan our breedings but we are working with Mother Nature so our timing might be off.
We have a waiting list, which contains some of the future adopted puppy families who have qualified and left a deposit with us.  Deposits are always refundable.
Once the Sire & Dam is chosen, the health clearances are checked out, the personality is up to par, timing is right, blood test are done, we are good to go.

Visits are ALWAYS welcome.  Please note VISITS are suspended due to Covid 19

Puppies generally leave at + 10 weeks as it is really important to us that they are well socialized and their mommy knows best.

We are planning  to breed  sometime in spring 2021 . Updates to follow.



This has been in our household for about 5 years. It is so amazing so see how once the “harness” is put on, how they become “so focused”. It’s like I have a job that I just love to do.

We are so proud of Duke getting his title “Draft Dog “ 31 May 2013.  Way to go.

Freddie... well he is trying, but he just wants to get the “job” done.  He may just need a little more time.

Lilly & Abby were proud that they could do it just like the boys.

Agility & Rally

Think a Newfie is too big?


A Newfoundland is a truly versatile breed of dog. Winter’s first time out she thought, "Why jump when you can just walk right through it."  Now just watch her sail over it. A bridge?  It’s fun!

Mikey has started his Rally classes and is almost ready to take his first leg of testing.

Who is next??